this is what i think

why fall asleep when you can fall in love?

why be mean when the choice to be nice is right in front of you?

fuck thursday and every other day that isn’t friday, saturday or sunday

no one understands how much i appreciate it when someone messages me

love is about appreciation, not possession 

we get lost in what others think of us

you’re not worthless; no matter how much you think it

because not everyone can really express how they feel

i wish i could touch someone and then whatever they are feeling would sink in to me and i could fully understand what if feels like to be them for a moment.

i h8 math


i just can’t eat fish

humans are fucking weird looking.

like in comparison to other animals i mean.

ur’e a beautiful person.

but an ugly ass hamster.

 do u feel

do dogs think humans are cute

haha wow funny !1

how many times in a day do you fuck up?

more like “how many times in a day do i not fuck up?”

pashed motatoes

eating mashed potatoes is like eating dense, fabulous, clouds.